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From: I.O.P. Department
To: Griffin & Kryuger
We are pleased to inform you that we have built a partnership with	on the "Neural Cloud" technology, and they are willing to offer relevant technical support from now on. However, out of concern for the said technology's compatibility and stability, testing is highly recommended before any kind of massive use in practice. Doll prototypes from the early stage of	Project "Neural Cloud" will be delivered to you. Below is a list of the prototypes and the firearms you are recommended to attach them to.

	Model: Butler 36,		Name: 	,	Applicable to G36
	Model: 		,		Name: Florence,	Applicable to PA-15
	Model: Security 2.0,		Name: Betty,	Applicable to IDW
	Model: CM-Fashion Designer,	Name: 	,	Applicable to Zas M21
	Model: MBP,			Name: Fendere,	Applicable to AEK-999
	Model: Performers-III,		Name: Shari,	Applicable to S
	Model: 	,			Name: 	,	Applicable to KSVK
	Model: PastryChef SP.,		Name: Choco,	Applicable to FNC
	Model: ORA-F,			Name: Azure,	Applicable to Type 79
	Model: 	,			Name: Kuro,	Applicable to MDR
	Model: 	,			Name: Lind,	Applicable to AA-12
	Model: MCDT,			Name: Abigail,	Applicable to M500
	Model: RM&IA,			Name: 	,	Applicable to LWMMG
	Model: EMA,			Name: Hearate,	Applicable to HS2000
	Model: 	,			Name: Insidious,Applicable to Welrod Mk.II
	Model: WARO,			Name: Clara,	Applicable to C-MS

The listed prototypes are expected to arrive at G&K	We wish the combination of this state-of-art technology, the Imprint technology and the Dummy Network will meet your demand, and we kindly ask you to share with us the testing results.
At the same time, the search for suitable testing subjects will continue and more prototypes are very likely to be found, so please stay in touch.